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Review by: Alex - Italy - June 08, 2009
I purchased yesterday Thinkfast G4 and all I can say is that is wonderful! I am not new to Brainwave entrainment, but this is by far the most powerful session I've ever tried. I used yesterday for the first time, and I tried to play a Nintendo DS game. Well, my average score on Big Brain Academy is around 1000, but yesterday I got a score of around 1300 points on the test.

I did the full session today before going to work and I was concentrated and relaxed at the same time for the full day, as I was having an Awakened Mind brainwave pattern. I was able to perform my daily tasks easily, and also absorb new information quickly.

Furthermore, I feel really well both phisically and mentally, and it's like my compassion and love increased. This, I suppose, it's because of the Gamma frequencies of the session.

Thank you very much for providing such a valuable transformation tool!

Review by: Andrew Mansour ( -
I love playing chess, when I play Think Fast it really helps me get more motivated and intune with the game to give it my best performance that my mind will allow. It really helps me enjoy the game. I also find this too handy for college classes such as Statistics and Financial Management, it really helps my focus.

Review by: Carlos Martorell Moreau ( -
I thought I was really good at math. I was truly amazed when my abilities improved dramatically after listening Think Fast only for 1 hour

Review by: Danny Millar -
Guys this product is soooo hot, i been using it for an our a day and my concentration levels are able to go on for hours. And my grades have gone from a C to straight As thanks alot Violition Thought House !!!

Review by: lloyd brown jr. ( -
ok thinkfast is great i have a little story to share. the family game on our computer is bejeweled 2. my mom was always the master with a high score of 410,000. and every day id try to beat that score, all the while its extremily difficult to even maintain a 300,000 score. so i played thinkfast on windows media player in the backround and turned off game music. within only a coulple of games i reached an amazing 599,900 high score in on e sitting!! and numerous other scores above 410,000. then i tested it on my mom and for the first time she used it she got 2 scores of above 550,000. thinkfast is amazing.

Review by: samuel eyassu ( -
no game is even a challenge anymore, my friends all want to know how I got better all of a sudden and the flute sounds on g4 are amazing

Review by: Nathan Cheriyan ( -
Incredible. Beautiful. Neuroscience. A+++++++

Review by: Andrew Pellatt ( -
This product is 'amazing' in regards to the results I have already experienced.

Review by: Jason Geib ( -
Get the edge your competition wished they had!

Review by: Daniel Inniss -
This is truly a wonderful product!!!! I have used ThinkFast now for 4 weeks and my thought speeds are like lightening in terms of concentration and unbelievably quick wit!! Thank you so much to Volition, this has to be 1 of if not the best personal development product that I have ever bought, and I have bought some really good ones!! THANK YOU!!!

Review by: Akash Agarwal -
cool, i bought this first, convinced me to buy the other products.

Review by: James Reed -
For anyone who needs a boost in their thinking abilities will definitely be pleased with this purchase. I highly recommend it!

Review by: Zach Niemann -
I purchased think fast a few hours ago and have been listening to it ever since, ive seen great improvements in my math abilities in solving equations with flawless speed, one thing i wondered about was the whole brain thinking, i took a test and it said i was right brained, but this product says that it can allow you to use your whole brain, this is true!!! there\'s an application with a dancer and depending on which way she spins is what side of the brain you think with, for me she spun clockwise which meant i thought with the right side of my brain, after listening to this for an hour or so i could make the dancer switch from spinning clockwise to counter-clockwise seeming like a magic trick or something, it was truly amazing, i recommend this to everyone and you should test it yourself, before listening to it take this test and then listen to it for an hour or so and then take it again and focus on spinning the dancer the other way, you\'ll be able to!!!

Review by: Peter Nguyen, student -
When I used ThinkFast, the experience was not only transcendental, but powerful; I was immersed and overwhelmed by the effects of ThinkFast, delivering me into an accelerated state of quickened thinking and fast articulation. I could easily solve equations, and truly think fast!

Review by: vick -
Using ThinkFast during different games and tasks has been an exhilarating experience!

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