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Help Us Change The World & We'll Help You Exceed Yourself.

Volition is unlike any company this world has ever known, because our purpose, to change the way the human life is lived, begins within our walls, making the Volition culture precedent setting in every way. The same people who answer phones and consult with clients, provide innovative contributions to our human performance programs. Every Volition Team member is devoted to attaining mastery over their existence, always pursuing growth and development, always exploring the limitless potential of their brains and always furthering their levels of self actualization through the contributions they make in our world.
Many organizations speak of a principle of respecting and encouraging ones ability… always trying to draw out the best in a person. Not only is this principle the internal force of competitive vitality within Volition, but the very reason for our being. We place emphasis on ability, performance, personal character and the pursuit of higher levels of functioning so each Team member can tap their infinite potential in an increasing manner and impact the world through the intellectual force that Volition will continue to become.
As an organization in a global economy, we’re in an infantile stage. We’re looking for advanced thinkers, and progressive minds to join our team, work with us to meet our goals, and use us to realize their dreams. You see, we believe that our corporate entity doesn’t use us, its employees—we, the employees, use it. Joining Volition can be likened to enrolling in an Ivy League university; no where is the pathological pursuit for success in such full swing.
We encourage ambitious talent, creative minds and accelerated intellects to submit their curriculum vitae for consideration. If you’re invited to become a candidate for a position at Volition, there is no question that you will attend a lot of interviews. Sometimes up to ten. This is because when you join Volition, you become a valuable partner of a visionary team dedicated to the rise of a new standard in human ability—the rise of a new era… and with that comes responsibility—a moral duty to serve your fellow visionaries and partners, drive the vision of Volition and put your energy and ability to use for the betterment of humankind.

To borrow the words of Jack Welch, Volition is a company "where people dare to try new things-- where people feel assured in knowing that only the limits of their own standards of personal excellence, will be the ceiling on how far and how fast they move."  

Job Postings

Sales Person: A qualified applicant will have at minimum 2-3 years of sales experience, be self motivated, energetic, have a panache for quick thinking and a passion for learning.  
Please visit our contact page to submit your CV. Please, no phone calls regarding employment opportunities.  If a Volition team member can imagine a good fit, you will be contacted.