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BrainIgnite Program

BrainIgnite Education Program

BrainIgnite for Schools & Education Boards

Our BrainIgnite Education Program is making a thunderous impact in educational facilities around the world. Developed by brain experts and top M.D.'s, this program is proven and results are guaranteed. The center piece of this exciting program is our patented BrainIgnite Neuro Technology, that is added to music and sound on-the-fly with our simple to use software, allowing teachers to play special music in the classroom through speakers that are connected to a computer. The speakers are of normal consumer quality and reside in each corner of the classroom. 


The Problem

Satellite TV. Instant messaging. Attention hooking video games. Our children are more media addled than ever. With ADHD affecting 1 in every 10 students, a natural and healthy source of focus like BrainIgnite cannot be overlooked. 


Students Using BrainIgnite Report
• Quicker memory reflexes.
• IQ and intelligence boost.
• Increased focus and attentiveness.
• Improved analyical ability.
• Less mental errors.
• Higher grades with less study time.
• Greater mental clarity.
• Improved reading & comprehension.
• Elevated mood & less irritability.
• Enhanced acuity & mental dexterity.


BrainIgnite safely and effecitvely guides students into a sharp and
peaked state that they’re simply unable to enter on their own. Even
straight A students see significant results. BrainIgnite is proven to show the brain how to access special peak performance states for learning, reading, creating & much much more. Simply using BrainIgnite in a classroom setting will optimize the students  brain state, dialing them into just the right high performance zone for the task or situation.


Using the BrainIgnite Education Program in your school is easy
• We setup your classrooms with the correct speakers (a windows PC is required in each class) or you can fulfill this requirement if you choose, based on our recommendations

• Our Performance Agents train your teachers to use the BrainIgniter software in just 60 minutes, and provide videos and tutorial resources to foster mastery of the program

• We track the improvements throughout your school and create detailed reports

• We partner with you for the long-term, providing expert support and guidance along the way


View the recently updated study that highlights the impact BrainIgnite has had at Brookview Middle School of the Toronto District School Board


Click here to get your school started OR call 1-800-697-8509 ext. 711

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BrainIgnite for Tutors & Learning Centers

We are proud to be partners with Oxford Learning, an organization that is just as excited about the future of student performance and childhood success as we are.  Oxford is strategically bringing BrainIgnite to their learning centers across North America.  Contact an Oxford Learning Center near you if you are interested in having the leader in innovative tutoring solutions work with your child.

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BrainIgnite For Parents & Students

If you have a child that needs academic help, or you simply want to give them an edge, the BrainIgnite Student Program is the answer. It's guaranteed to deliver profound results at a cost effective rate, with an ease of use that is umatched. Click here for more information

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BrainIgnite for Post Secondary Institutions

Improving student performance at the collegiate level is a dedicated mission of ours. BrainIgnite is poised to enhance the college experience in numerious ways-- many options are available for your institution.  If you are interested in making change happen at your university or college click here to begin discussions and let our expert team explain how BrainIgnite can work for you.

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BrainIgnite is an ideal technology for adding value to any eLearning software system and elevating the performance of distance learning students. Click here to begin discussions and let our expert team explain how BrainIgnite can work for you.

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The importance of the BrainIgnite Opportunity

Education boards across the nation make the claim that students are considered first as the basis for all decision making. It's often touted that "decisions are made for the students, in the students best interests".
Given this universal mandate, the decision to integrate new and proven performance technology like BrainIgnite into every student’s scholastic career is a decision every K-12 educational system should feel obligated to make.  When you use advanced educational technology rather than the same old tools, your schools can become next-level institutions that have the ability to have remarkably high graducation and success rates-- the ability to produce leaders.  You are entrusted with this responsibility; we hope you are not taking this lightly. 
BrainIgnite is revolutionizing the educational ethos of today not just because it raises test
scores, but because of the breadth of impact it has in areas such as social behaviours, classroom morale, teacher job satisfaction and cognitive training. As the use of BrainIgnite increases across the nation,
more students are learning that their brain is important, that they can develop their intelligence and that learning is a worth while pursuit, which is preparing them to take on more knowledge at an earlier age.
Research has shown that the typical North American student is working
well beneath their potential. A quick comparison of student test scores
with first world nations in Asia and Europe have shown that the
current North American education philosophies and curriculums are ineffecitve and
out-matched. We at Volition firmly believe that in the
near future, the educational level of tomorrows 12 year old could
easily match the educational level of today’s high school graduate.
It’s never been more obvious. Educators hold the key to the future of
our society and we are here to help them in this charge.