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BrainIgnite Overview

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BrainIgnite Corporate Program

It is now more obvious than ever, that information and the members of the workforce who skillfully amass and deploy it, are a more crucial competitive necessity than the technology at use. People who can peak perform with focus, creativity and energy are the key stones to the Fortune 500 success stories of the future. But what is the tool that can deliver this change to todays knowledge workers?

The answer lies with our neuro technology called BrainIgnite. This technological center piece makes our approach to human capital development and on the job performance simple, focused, powerful and un-matched in ease of use. It will give your team the ability to think, work and act in a more advanced and proficient manner. It will empower your workforce to do more and innovate more in a way that makes your business resilient, efficient, action oriented and so responsive that profits can go up, even if revenues fall. In It will accelerate creativity and R&D output, upping your company's metabolism, making it lean, quick and aggressive.

Now more than ever, there exists a clear need to reduce the complexities so abundant within today’s workforce, and enact a clear set of expected performance standards from workers. Transforming your office space into a mentally enhancing atmosphere will slice through the ambiguity and rhetoric in your organizational mission statements, by implementing a tool and method for elevating efficiency and effectiveness… setting a definitively higher bar of expected performance levels for your team.  If your organization claims to care about its people, and claims that investing in their development is a priority, then prove it with BrainIgnite. 


• Patented neuro technology; backed by medical doctors & clinical studies; proven to escalate company wide cognitive capability at the push of one button
• Plug your work force into peak performance without training manuals, seminars or work flow interruption
• Measurable improvements in productivity metrics
• We take all the risk with our iron-clad satisfaction guarantee

Give your knowledge workers the same strategic attention you may currently only be giving your IT or strategic management initiatives. Our Performance Agents can quickly integrate BrainIgnite within your organization, and results are guaranteed. Contact us today for a proposal and let our expert team explain how we can breathe new energy into your team.

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Small Business

A high-performance business starts with a high-performance workforce. Volition is helping small business substantially increase productivity, market share and employee performance by introducing our brain sharpening BrainIgnite method into the fold. Contact us today for a proposal.

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Large Business

The bigger you are, the bigger the gain. Our corporate program gives your work force the wings to glide far and above the competition at the push of one button.  With our BrainIgnite Method in place, company wide performance will rapidly accelerate like a wind blown tropical wave as each employee pushes play and activates their brain.  Like tossing chum in shark infested waters, introducing BrainIgnite to your company will turn up the pace and blood flow of all involved.

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Combine the physiological necessity of ear plugs, with the profit necessity of a low error rate, and the budget necessity for a lower cost solution. The answer is BrainIgnite. With our BrainIgnite Manufacturer Program, your operation will experience significant savings by broadcasting performance enhancing sounds into your workers ears through noise canceling headphones.

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Integrating BrainIgnite into your practice will not only expand your service value, but increase your product roster and revenue stream . Our BrainIgnite program will help you deliver specialized performance solutions to boost your top line and bring greater success to your clients.

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Consultants and Corporate Trainers

Extensive opportunities exist for executive consultants and corporate trainers who want to offer their clients cutting-edge strategies and tools that forego the secondary and back-line elements and variables. Strategies that slice to the very core— performance accelerators that focus on developing, building and enhancing the primary determinant of a business’s ability to succeed: human capital.

We work closely with choice consultants and trainers to firstly, accelerate their minds and advance their strategy wielding skills. Secondly, we provide them with the backend infrastructure and support necessary to provide an effective and efficient means of unleashing BrainIgnite to their clients.

Opportunities abound for those actively using Volition tools. If you are interested in helping us establish a higher universal standard in human functioning, and aspire to tap into this tremendous and unique market, contact us so we can get started immediately.

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Retail Store Resellers

Today, more than ever before, people want to perform better and live better. Which is why everyone wants our products. We are ready to work with small boutique retail and big box retail. We have made selling Volition media a simple and profitable proposition. We also offer extremely competitive wholesale discounts.

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Web Resellers

Resell Volition tools, CDs and MP3s online. With our API solutions for MP3 distribution and drop shipping options, their is a way we can do business. Contact us today so we can get started immediately.

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The Volition Affiliate program is free and simple. For every person who comes from your site or link and purchases Volition products, you'll receive a US dollar percentage commission for every sale you create, without the hassles of credit card processing, inventory, customer service, fulfillment, delivery, or tracking. You'll even receive a commission on any additional sales from your link within 12 months, even if they go directly to our site! Full Details Here.

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Video Game Industry

Gamers, Rejoice. With our IMAGINCE technology, a completed video game soundtrack can be re-mastered and transformed into iMusic, without changing the audible soundscape. Creating an unrivalled sonic experience.

Clinical testing has found that gamers feel more riveted, immersed, absorbed, connected and engaged when playing a game with an iMusic soundtrack. A daring mission will elicit a more rousing emotional reaction. High-speed action will get the gamer charged and energized to a degree never previously possible. And because iMusic piques and tunes-in the players mind, they will direct greater focus and attentiveness to the game; becoming more immersed and enthraled in the games virtual world than what was previously possible. And this is only the beginning.

Imagine a video game that not only grips the players interest and attention like never before, but actually induces such proven benefits as increased IQ, brain power, mental acuity and intelligence. If parents and their wallets are the gatekeepers to the adolescent video game market, then iMusic is your key to busting in.

iMusic is adaptable, scalable and robust. Making imagination the limit to how iMusic can enhance and re-define your products.

What can iMusic do for the video game experience?
- Gamers can experience the adrenaline fueled spidey-state as they swing and sling him through Manhatten. Or get waist deep in the iMusic heightened trepidity as they guide Master Chief into shadowed alien territory. With iMusic, a great game experience will become a neurally optimized peak experience event.
- Video games can become not just entertainment, but a powerful source for mental enhancement. A game with an iMusic soundtrack can increase IQ, intelligence, focus, creativity and many other mental functions.
- With iMusic, games can become effective treatments for such mental ailments as ADD/ADHD, alzheimers and memory loss.
- iMusic can massively expand a video games list of features and benefits-- broadening appeal and improving market penetration.

Contact us today for a proposal.

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Film and TV

With our BrainIgnite technology, a completed movie score can be re-mastered and transformed without changing the audible soundscape or the listening experience.

The result. A dramatic scene will elicit a more rousing emotional reaction. An action scene will get the audience charged and energized to a degree never previously possible. The audience will direct greater focus and attentiveness to the screen because their brain is tuned and piqued.

Introduce an added layer of impact to your motion picture. And bring movie magic to an entirely new level. Contact us today for a proposal.

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Recording Artists

With iMusic and our BrainIgnite technology, we've added a new dimension to original musical recordings, of any genre. With our help, your music will invoke a deeper, multi-sensation response from the listener that is simply not possible any other way. You will be able make music that'll not only move people, but make them energized, focused, relaxed, and even smarter. The limits are up to you. Contact us today for a proposal.