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Research Overview

The Volition Neuro Research Institute is firmly at lead in the neuro audio technology field.  BrainIgnite is the patented breakthrough result of an interplay between music, technological innovation and the human brain. Centuries of research in scientific fields ranging from psychotechnology, to neuroanatomy to clinical psychology have gone into BrainIgnite.

We delved into hundreds of published studies from psychiatrists, psychologists, educators, therapists, physicians, sports trainers, counselors, neurofeedback practitioners, researchers and clinicians from around the globe. We explored pioneering work from Alfred Tomatis M.D. in the field of auditory intervention, Bulgarian educational psychiatrist Dr. Georgi Lozanov, Nobel Laureates such as neuroscientist Roger Sperry and neurobiologist Gerald Edelman. We took into account numerous university studies, clinically supported biophysical endeavors, cutting-edge business training and experimental undertakings.

We gained access to the brains of the most advanced mental explorers, experimentalists and experientialists of our time. Hours upon hours were spent in the laboratory observing peak performance brain patterns. We observed the cognitive processes of geniuses, members of the intelligentsia and the intellectual elite. We witnessed synaptic fiery, extreme levels of focus, "in the zone" cerebral states and perfectly dialed-in thought experiments.

All of this and more has gone into BrainIgnite. Because BrainIgnite wasn’t developed by celebrity gurus, but by real-world leaders, brain experts and doctors, it is a leading edge technology that is poised to cause a major shift in human potential at every level.
BrainIgnite is used as a creativity enhancing, productivity improving tool -- and is used within products and services at use among Fortune 50 corporations and firms around the world. BrainIgnite is constantly at the heart of clinical research and study in fields such as sleep, focus, intelligence and healing.



website development

Study and Research Briefs

Hundreds of rigorously performed scientific studies in the brain training field have proven beyond a doubt that BrainIgnite will enhance your cognitive functioning, increase the health of your brain’s neurons, amplify your brain power and quickly channel you into high performance mental states. Learn more by roaming related research briefs using the links below.


> Focus Study

> Sleep Study

> IQ Study 


Case Studies
> The Impact of BrainIgnite on Classroom Learning Performance Levels, Social Behaviour, Test Scores & teacher Job Satisfaction 

> K-12 Teacher Survey


Industry Recognition
> The May 2009 issue of the industry periodical Frontiers in Neuroscience recognizes Volition as a global leader in the Augmenting Cognition field



website development

White Papers

The Science behind BrainIgnite
A summary of the science, history and fundamental concepts behind the BrainIgnite innovation.



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