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partnerMIND is an all-encompassing partner structure intended to bring together those with one common dream and aspiration: to invent a tomorrow, not wait for one, that is comprised of clear thinking, aware and socially/environmentally conscious people that will lead us through the gauntlet of current challenges and over the brink.


This brink includes every point of failure that your stream of consciousness  might  currently be  imagining; the education system failures, energy and environmental calamities, governmental leadership inadequacies, instability of financial markets, and the surging populations of apathetic youth. 


This united alliance of passionate enterprisers is managed and driven by the Volition family of boutique firms. We’ve decided that the world needs a glowing rod of leadership to help light a new path, and the only way such a path will be explored is with strong and brave allied change agents.


Without dreams this partnership platform would be inconceivable. partnerMIND derives its power from the dreams, the ideas, the imagination and motivation from all those who like Volition itself, believe in and embody such dreams. As a standalone entity partnerMIND is nothing more then the dream of one, but unite those dreamers that exemplify the ideals and vision behind partnerMIND and it becomes the dream of many. What can such a collection of dreamers accomplish?


A lot. A lot more then exponential upward fluxes in innovation, profits and GDP. They are in the position to usher in a new age—the era of the limitless mind. Unlocking the enormous potential that is our heritage will set loose unequalled change throughout our global civilization, outpacing the enlightenment, the renaissance and the industrial age; we’re on the on the cusp of a new time in human history that will forever change the possibilities and opportunities our nations face. Generations have lived and passed while clinging to hope that was never fulfilled, but finally, with a synchronous combination of vision, will-power, technology and means, every man and woman’s thoughts and dreams are ours to realize.


This intellectual growth initiative is open to virtually every organization and individual across the globe that has true passion and clairvoyance on the issues we are facing.  n idealistic crusade? Not at all. Never before has such striking vision been backed with such strategic planning and careful development. We’ve thrown suppositions and hypotheses out the window in favour of an operating system of action.


With the help of our allied Partners, we can pour the foundation to a new era and advance this commitment together. With partnerMIND a commitment to greater possibilities has been cemented.


Becoming a partnerMIND ally begins with contact.