ice cream

We all know that the first date, besides fulfilling that desire to be close to that interesting dude, is all about getting to know him better. You want to know more about him. You want to know what he likes, and what he doesn't like - in other words, if you are compatible.

Sometimes the "getting-to-know-each-other" part could be difficult and misleading. Your date could be trying so hard to impress you that he ends up showing all the "good personality traits" that are not entirely his. What he says can be lies, and his demeanor could be faked.


Neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch presents an interesting take on a person's personality being revealed through his favorite food flavor. In his book, "What Flavor Is Your Personality?", Dr. Hirsch helps you determine if that a guy is the perfect match for you, or if you need to beg off the next time he asks you out.


Going out with that cute guy you met at the convention? Try ice cream.


According to Dr. Hirsch, your favorite ice cream flavor tells who you are; and can help you determine if that guy across the table is compatible with you through the ice cream flavor he orders.


Chocolate Chip - competitive, accomplished, competent and ambitious; generous and life of the party. Compatible with those who like Butter Pecan or Double Chocolate Chunk.

Coffee - dramatic, flirtatious, loves new adventures, and gives his best in the things they do. Compatible with people who loves Strawberry flavored ice cream.

Butter Pecan - introverted, sensitive to the feelings of others, devoted, conscientious, budget conscious. Compatible with Mint Chocolate Chip.

Mint Chocolate Chip - ambitious, confident but a bit skeptical about life. Close to family, honest, and plans for the future. Compatible with someone who also likes Mint Chocolate Chip.

Rocky Road - goal-oriented, outgoing and aggressive. Likes being pampered and appreciates the finer things in life. Compatible with another Rocky Road lover.

Vanilla - relies on intuition over logic, emotionally expressive, aims high, likes to stay busy and accomplish things, prefers secure romantic relationships. Compatible with Rocky Road.

Strawberry - logical, doesn't mind working behind the scenes, loyal and supportive. Compatible with Vanilla, Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry.


If, for some reason, ice cream is out of the picture on your first date, you may still get a glimpse of his personality by checking out the type of food he craves for.


Salty food - If the guy says he craves for salty food, he is the type that goes with the flow. Dr. Hirsch says this guy may believe that external factors, not their own actions, determine his fate.

Sweets - this guy veers towards the wild side, hedonistic, likes to stand out and feel special.

Dark chocolate - great at parties, and good for team work.

Milk chocolate - this is your quiet and introspective personality.

Spicy foods - the perfectionist type, gives attention to details, loves order and hates to waste time.

Sweet and salty flavor combined - the loner, creative type.


This sounds just like your light and fun weekend magazine quiz that no one takes seriously, but Dr. Hirsh, neurological director of the Smell and Taste Research and Treatment Foundation in Chicago, stands by his book that is based on over 24 years of scientific study and tests on more than 18,000 people's food choices and personalities.


Taste and personality are developed at the same time and are both found in the limbic lobe of the brain. Dr. Hirsch says that this is a strong basis for linking the two.


Does your personality and food preference combination match one of the descriptions above? If it did, won't you want to use this test to that boy next door?