One-to-One Change Activation


Volition is the pre-eminent leader in performance consulting and life coaching, with numerous patented tools and programs that deliver profound levels of life improvement.


Our growing eco-system of tool and content based programs, called the Life Accelerator Operating System, is a transformative and innovative approach to psychological change.





Brain enhancement

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Goal Setting & Planning

Confidence & Self Belief

Behaviour Modification


Emotional Stabilization


Depression Reversal

Performance Improvement

Academic Strategies


Strength & Talent Discovery

Sleep Issues

Energy Deficits

Social Skill Development

Negative Thought Reduction

Dream Weaving







Service Types


Self-help Coaching

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Success Consultant


We've learned that the brain is where it's at.  We don't have one, we are one.  It is the golden key to our past, our present and future.  Unfortunately, most of us have tarnished, rusty old keys- making it very hard to open the doors we'd like passage thru.  At Volition, we think of L7fe Consulting as a locksmith service.  We help people forge their own golden keys.


If you are looking for change, whether it be a subtle shift or a dramatic rebirth - if you are looking for improvement, whether it be a few yard gain or a quantum blast forward - if you are looking to find yourself, whether you feel slightly disconnected or lost in a metropolis sized labyrinth - than what you are looking for is what we do.


Individuals. Organizations. Corporations. We serve each sector with our pioneering fusion of psychological principles, neuro technology and cutting edge methods.


While life consulting isn't a replacement for professional counselling services, it does deliver tremendous results in the areas that counselling has traditionally served, proving to be very complimentary. A moderate level of motivation is required for life consulting, as information is not spoon fed like class based training courses, but shared & nurtured with a high degree of independent learning followed by discussion.


Who are our Consultants?


The Volition consulting team is a future-focused, driven group of life-path revolutionaries that are best in class. These neuron altering ninjas, mind expanding masters and change driving champions deliver success to ambitious individuals around the globe.


Consisting of doctors and certified performance experts, the Volition team has the credentials, experience and background to play a major role in your improvement initiative.


Since 2002, this team has been primarily focused on driving change and improvement initiatives amongst major corporate executives and within education boards/schools. Our desire to raise the curtain and transform this exclusive legion of do-gooders into a publicly available group of service providers is something we are very excited about.





The Life Accelerator OS: install this Operating System for success into your mind


The Secret to Success is No Secret at All.


We've broken down the barriers to success and tamed the complexities of super-achievement into a refined science of cause and effect, quantum physics and pattern reinforcement.


What we've learned is startling and shocking.  It goes against what most have always assumed to be true.   Most of us believe that success is unique for everybody, that ones idea of happiness is entirely different than anothers.


This is incorrect.


Success in its purest form, is simply a high frequency of ultimate joy feelings that comes naturally from within-- a state of existence that is cross-generational, spanning social stratums, income brackets and ethno-graphics.  Success, in the way we've come to deconstruct it, is truly universal, and with this common goal comes a common set of requirements.


The league of modern civilization, the order of person-kind, the 24-7 human race that pits us against ourselves and our peers, is really a symphony of perpetually spontaneous human experiences -- a forever spinning matrix of structures and relationships, with ourselves at its core.  The human life and the brain that drives it is programmed to desire success, and this instinctual objective requires each human to function, operate and abide by a collection of fundamental principles, laws and idioms.


It is these elements that form the underpinning of our OS.


You might be thinking that this mass-vanillaism is a fools pursuit, that we've gone too far astray from effective conventions, that the glorious findings that we tout are hyperbolic.


We can assure you that this universal OS that we've developed -- our lexicon for success--  brings a multitude of systems, programs and methods that allow for customizations at each level, so every individual we apply it to is able to wield a highly specialized variant of the OS.


This OS makes our method of life consulting peerless. When compared to conventional self improvement options, we've found our method of life consulting lies strategically in the middle of the personal development spectrum-- with training and mentoring on one end, and psychotherapy and counselling at the other.


Life consulting often agilely hops and veers between the worlds of executive training (organizational context consulting) and personal development, as client needs dictate.



Work Smart, Not Hard


We want to be clear: there exists no replacement for working smart with dedication-- we would not mislead you by saying any different. What you put into life consulting determines the results, but we can proudly promise that Volition's sophisticated brand of life consulting is the most liberating, empowering and thoroughly effective way of stimulating a personal revolution within.


Why is L7fe Consulting better?


We've told you that L7fe Consulting is not a replacement for traditional psychological services, but that's what we are supposed to say.  If you asked one of our consultants what they think, they'd say we are.  L7fe Consulting is better because it is solution and change focused, and more economical.  You spend less time talking about your past and problems, and more time talking about mastery and progress, which will save you money.


To us, all those age old head-shrinking practices seem powerless, backwards and dated. We think that if they worked, then the massive need for self improvement alternatives that we are responding to, simply wouldn't exist, and we wouldn't be in business.