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Listen & watch your intelligence, focus & IQ rise like the sun.

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Get into the super study & mega memory state. Increase grades & test scores.

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Time stopping thought speeds for sharp & accelerated mental performance

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Read with accelerated speed, comprehension & retention.

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Balance your emotions, enhance your mood, combat depression.

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Meditate almost as deep as a zen monk in minutes! Center your mind & body instantly.

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De-stress, lower blood pressure & indulge in absolute relaxation.

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Make reading a more enjoyable, magical & immersive experience!

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Musical Redbull that provides a healthy burst of natural energy

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Enhance your brains pathways to stick to your diet with greater ease!

Just $39.95

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A 12 day program to greater life success. Change your thoughts, actions & outlook to achieve more than ever in life! Guaranteed results or your money back.



Get even more out of the cutting edge strategies in the Mind Accelerator book with IDprogrammer. Just push play to enter the famed & special alpha state.