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Sensational Sleep Delivered

Sleepless nights? More than 60 million Americans feel the same way. That's why our brain performance experts developed these drug-free, natural, proven and easy to use iMusic CD's to help you fall asleep quicker and wake up rejuvenated.

We dim the lights. We tuck ourselves into bed. Our bodies relax, our brainwave patterns slow down and our mind gradually drifts into a low activity state. And anights rest begins. This is common knowledge. What happens next is not.

Once we close our eyes we slowly pass through several stages of sleep, and enter increasingly deeper levels of slumber. And if we’re lucky (only a very small percentage of us are), we’ll cross over the threshold and experience restful delta sleep. A very specific state of activity which is most commonly associated with deep sleep—the type of sleep that recenters, revitalizes, rebalances, regenerates, rejuvenates and recuperates the body and mind.


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