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IMusic, a patented, M.D. approved and powerful interplay between neuro-science and music, is proven to train your brain and show it how to peak perform for any task or life situation. The experts have shown us that simply leading a normal, healthy life isn't enough to reach your upper limits of intelligence and potential.


Listen to iMusic to improve your focus, IQ, memory and energy; safe guard your valuable mental assets; and lower your functional brain age!

Patented Brain Technology iMusic is advanced audio technology engineered by top brain experts and doctors, that stimulates and optimizes your neurons and brainwaves. All while you're enjoying beautiful music.




LISTEN Doctor Approved and Scientifically Proven Clinical trials and studies validate this technology and prove it to enhance brain functions. iMusic is Doctor approved and recommended.




ACT Powerful, Compatible and Easy To Use Play iMusic on your computer, stereo, iPod or MP3 player just the same way you do with normal music to experience powerful mental enhancements. Shop for iMusic now.
Your brain is just like a muscle.
And just like your muscles need exercise to grow strong and practice to do something as simple as catch a ball, your brain needs exercise to stay sharp and instruction to properly focus and zone in to learn, work and think in the mose effective manner.
The Focus is in You.
Have you ever felt your mind stall and sputter while trying to write, learn, recall information or just talk with someone? We all have. And it's not because we lack smarts. In fact, the problem isn't our mental abilities at all. The problem is how our brain works. If you are like more than 99% of us, it's in a low performance state & it's simply not performing for you. iMusic fixes that.
The symphony of your mind.
How well you think and perform is largely governed by your state of mind, which is determined by your brain-waves. Science has uncovered which brainwaves create peak performance mental states for learning, thinking, feeling great and even sleeping. With different iMusic products, you can dial your brain into special peak performance brain states for lifes rigors and demands.
"You've read, you've thought, you've learned. You've done it all before, but never like this. iMusic wil get your brain clipping along like a fine Swiss watch..." Michael Chan, Executive VP Sony
"iMusic got my once tired brain back up to pace... Mentally, I was feeling like a rutted old jalopy, but within just a few weeks it was like I swapped it for a porsche fast brain. iMusic has turned back the clock for me." Tony from Fort Lauterdale listens to BrainAmp
"The best way to describe iMusic is to call it mental software. i just listen and my brain is purring like an intel driven machine... in what seems like a matter of moments I'm whizzing through my text and readings. I run on iMusic and that means peak performance. " Mark Jacobsen from Stanford University
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