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MP3 downloads. When BrainIgnite NT is added to music it becomes Ignited Music (iMusic) Web service for creating iMusic Mixes
Music Player Application for on-the-fly BrainIgnite NT use Media Exporter that allows you to create your own iMusic MP3s
Music Options Limited to a few pre-selected music genres for each session Add Any MP3 digitial music from your personal library or choose from our available music selections Any MP3 digitial music from your personal library + Over 200 radio stations + Over 30 hours beautiful Volition approved music Any MP3 digitial music from your personal library
Sessions Basic only
Basic + Premium for members
Premium Premium
Intensity 40
10 - 100
10 - 100 10 - 100
Non-Member Pricing   $39.95 $39.95    Not Available   Not Available
Member Pricing
 Free  Free  Free  Free*
  All clients   All clients  All BrainIgnite Members >>  BrainIgnite Diamond Members Only >>

* Depending on membership type,  members receive a limited # of free downloads each month







Membership Comparison Chart



Member Types

 Investment Benefits iMusic
BrainIgniter Player
BrainIgniter Exporter
Non-Member >>
 N/A Can purchase iMusic and BrainMixes through our web store at regular prices      

BrainMix Member >>


Can enjoy 3 BrainMix or iMusic downloads a month    

BrainIgnite Trial Member >>
$0 Trialing the BrainIgnite Program gives you access to a Certified VPA* and the BrainIgniter Player for 30 days with a level 40 intensity limit  

BrainIgnite Carbon Member >>



Enjoy VIP service from a personal VPA, a customized Flight program and use of the BrainIgniter Player. You also gain access to premium sessions and can enjoy 3 iMusic or BrainMix downloads each month in any combination.  

BrainIgnite Chrome Member >>




The same benefits of the Carbon Membership PLUS you can enjoy an extra 3 (6 in total) iMusic or BrainMix downloads each month in any combination.


BrainIgnite Diamond Member >>




The same benefits of the Carbon Membership PLUS you receive full use of the BrainIgniter Exporter, which allows for unlimited production of iMusic MP3s and BrainMixes

= Basic Sessions & Basic Features

= Premium Sessions and Premium Features included in Membership


* Certified Volition Performance Agents are only available if you place valid payment information on file







BrainIgnite Neuro Technology Sessions

The Volition Neuro Research Institute continues to discover more amazing mental states that account for those magic, in-the-zone moments that define our lives. After expansive clinical research and study, we make these mental states accessible by engineering BrainIgnite NT Sessions that activate them. Below, for your convenience, we've noted the different sessions we've developed. Premium sessions are only available to members as outlined in the Membership Comparison Chart.


Cognitive Performance


Mode Session Type
BrainAmp >>
Train your brain to increase IQ, acuity, intelligence and feel like a better, sharper you A
LiveWire >> Medium strength energy and vitality enhancer  A
OfficeZone Peak your focus and mental stamina for office work  W
High performance writing  W
For adults over 30 + all the way up to seniors, to combat brain degradation  A
SuperSales A brain training session that develops the areas of the brain that accelerate the skills most important to a successful sales person  A  
HotCalls Use this session while you are on the phone to turn cold calls into hot calls that generate scorching sales numbers  W  
KeyNote Play this session before a speech or business presentation for enhanced performance  W  
HyperDrive >> High strength energy & vitality enhancer  A
MindPep >> Low strength mental energy enhancer  W
IvyFocus >>
The super study state for students  W
ThinkFast >>
Complex mental tasks, number crunching and analysis for students and business professionals  W
Mathlete The ideal state for mathematics including calculus, algebrae, finite and statistics  W  
Coder A session for the kind of focus, stamina and creativity that a computer/web programmer and scripter requires  W  
PencilSketch  The special brain state behind peak performance drawing and sketching -- whether you use a pencil or a computer tablet  W  
PeakRead >>
Super fast, super absorptive reading for students and adult learners  W
CreativeCode >>
Step One of the creative process: Fostering creative inquisition: research, thoughtful inquisition, writing & developing the expertise basis that innovative leaps require.  W
BrainHurricane >> Step Two of the creative process: Brain storming, idea creation, invention, sparking the ah-ha moment  W
IdeaAudit >> Step Three of the creative process: Assessing ideas and analyzing variables in the creative process  W
CreAction >> Step Four of the creative process: Creating and activating your idea. Writing, drafting, graphic/industrial design, drawing, creative artistry, sculpting, etc.  W
NintendoPro The ultimate state for video game mastery  W
CasinoMaverick An incredible state for peak performance gambling and poker playing  W
DayTrader The ideal mental zone for stock picking, trading and investing  W
SuperNegotiator The high performance negotiation state; the perfect spin and angle for important discussions, debates and presentations  W
SmoothTalker Win friends, influence people and attract the opposite sex with more charisma and witty charm  A
MemoryBank Train your brain to better remember people, places and things  A
CardWizard  Channel your mind into the mode for amazing performance at card games such as bridge, hearts and others  W  
MonopolyMind  The ideal state for board games; keeping you attentive, sharp and causing you to have more fun   F&S  


Sport & Fitness


The ideal mental state for peak performance marathon running, swimming and cycling.  A
TrackStar Use this session before a track and field event or practice to lower the chance of injury, and to experience extreme muscle performance.  A
OlympianMind Use to develop the drive, mental toughness and stability that extreme competition requires  A
FlexTrain >> High performance weight training-- free weights, machines etc.  A
CardioPump >> High performance cardio training -- running, cycling, cardio machines  A
ScratchGolf Connects the mind and body for a fluid, relaxed and pin-point accurate swing  A
Synchronize swinging movements, coordination and lateral movement efforts for peak performance in tennis  A
CourtKing The ideal state for court sports like basketball, volleyball  A
HockeyStar See the ice, skate with fluidity and feel at your best  A
FieldVision Zone-in for football and soccer-- see the field, make the pass & perform at a higher level  A
UltimateFighter A state of aggressive ferocity combined with physical dexterity, perfect for mixed martial arts, karate, boxing and any combat competition  A
Formula1 The state for super fast, reflexive, elite driving focus  A  


Health & Happiness


 Burst out of bed in a sparkling and high performance manner.  Perfect way to start a busy day.  MT  
SlowWake  For Saturday and Sunday morning, use SlowWake to enjoy the magic of the morning.  MT  
 When you wake up feeling sick, play this session to kick-start the restoration and healing process.  R&R  
Thrive+Flow >> A happy, feel good, easy going and enthusiasm building state of mind  A
Increase biochemical and neuro-transmitter levels for increased wellness and well-being  A
Motiv8 Use this session to get sparked up and motivated... combined with a little positive self reinforcement, it is quite effective at getting you moving  A  
RoadTrip A brain training; energy and focus boosting session that is ideal for driving long distances (truckers, vacationers, commuters)  A  
IDprogrammer >>

Enter the self-programming state for NLP, self talk, Mind Conditioning and other subsconscious building techniques

WeightLoss Why do you continue to live at an unhealthy weight? Because your brain can't say no to food, only yes. This sessions changes that.  A  
Easily combat addiction and get rid of bad-habit like alcoholism and drug abuse  A
NoSmoke A session specifically for over coming cigarette addiction  A  
Treat depression by lifting your brain out of the gloomy haze and into the sunshine state of mind  A
AntiAnxiety  Reduce anxiety and anxiousness by playing for 1-3 hours a day until your condition improves   R&R  
FamJam The perfect state for fun and energetic discussions, gatherings and parties with friends and family  F&S
DinnerParty The right blend of relaxation, energy and social wit will spring forth when you play this for your guests  F&S  
RealBook >> Get more enjoyment out of reading. Become engrossed as you dive deeper into the story  R&R
OOBE Stimulate out-of-body-experiences, emotional detachment, spiritual experiences and lucid dreaming  R&R
Euphoria Induce a euphoric and wistful state of enjoyment  R&R


Relax & Restore


MaxRelax >> Deep relaxation for stress reduction  R&R
ZenMeditate >> Meditate like a zen monk within minutes  R&R
RapidRecover >> Trigger the release of revitalizing and restoring biochemicals to heal sore muscles  R&R
QuickBreak Enjoy a nice 15 minute break in the middle of a busy day  R&R  
PowerNap Fall asleep anytime with this sleep inducer  R&R
BodySleep >> Combat restless legs syndrome and a over-active physiology for a better nights rest  R&R
BrainSleep >> Eliminate mental chatter and over-active thought processes before bed  R&R
RestorationSleep  Deep delta sleep session that triggers high level human growth hormone secretion for muscle and whole body recovery  R&R  
SleepTrainer >> Train your brain for better sleep  R&R
IllnessRecovery Trigger the release of revitalizing and restoring biochemicals to recover from surgey and illness  R&R
CancerFighter Enlist your mental resources for the fight against cancer  R&R
PainKiller Reduce chronic pain-- a great options for those with Fibromyalgia  R&R  



All sessions available to BrainIgnite Members


= Premium Session (available to members only)

= Basic Session (available to non members by purchasing iMusic MP3s)



= Action Sessions are used during a task, pursuit or activity to experience in-the-moment peak performance

= Training Sessions can be used during various times of day (not while sleeping) to condition and train the brain for higher performance in certain areas

= Prep Sessions are used before a performance or event (sports, presentations, tests, etc.), allowing you to enter a peak state that will stay with you during the important proceedings